MK36H Rifle



  • Overall Length: 41.5”
  • Collapsed Length: 30.0”
  • Dry Weight: 8.2-lbs
  • Operating System: Semi-Auto, M14/M1A Gas Operated
  • Caliber: .308WIN
  • Barrel: SOCOM 16”, 1:10, Chrome lined, G.I. Contour, Button Rifled, Finished Chamber
  • Safety/Fire Controls: Ambidextrous
  • Sight plane: 22.0”
  • Magazine Capacity: 20-rds, Detachable Box 
  • Sights: Detachable (F/R) Flip-up 
 IMPORTANT: Please read “Additional Information” for Warranty

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The MK36H (Hunter) has been under development for almost three years by Osprey Armament, from prototyping to now commercialization, the MK36H is coming to life and ready for production. The rifle currently is chambered in .308WIN with a targeted weight of 8-lbs (…less ammo) making it one of the lightest .308 semi-auto rifles available today.

The heart of the MK36H is a tested and proven M1A/M14 gas piston operating system that has been modified and engineered to work on a “AR” like lower receiver platform. This allows the end user to utilize the rifle with familiar controls and have the flexibility to accessorize while reducing the overall weight from its previous predecessor.

The most recent new developments for the MK36H is the R.A.C. System (Rail Architecture & Concepts). In November 2015 we began development of a Rail System that the end user would appreciate. The R.A.C. offers a solid one piece sight plane with a removable lower handguard that allows for full maintenance of the rifle without removing the optics thus not losing your “zero”.

Targeted audience for the MK36H product family is the Outdoors, Hunting and Precision Rifle markets as well as those who demand innovation and quality in a shooting platform.

Additional Information
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 3 x 6 in

The MK36H Rifle is chambered in .308WIN and our warranty ONLY supports new premium factory .308WIN ammunition. We DO NOT support nor Warranty hand loaded ammunition, reloaded ammunition, surplus ammunition, surplus brass or primers such as Lake City OR any other out of spec .308WIN ammunition. ALL MK36H .308WIN barrels have been properly head spaced by the manufacturer. We DO NOT warranty, nor cover damage, or cover any injury’s from results of out of spec ammunition or practices. 

All MK36H rifles have been tested using 168gr & 175gr Premium Gold Match .308 Winchester ammunition. 
We offer a 1-year factory warranty on all parts and components for the MK36H Rifle.